Rock And Roll Gua Sha
Rock And Roll Gua Sha
Rock And Roll Gua Sha

Rock And Roll Gua Sha

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Gua Sha encourages circulation and positive energy to your daily Skin-Care routine.

• Positively charge your favourite oil/facial serum

• Raise vibration

• Reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes

• Stimulate lymphatic drainage

• Moisturize lips

• Encourage collagen production in facial cells

• Reduce wrinkles

The crystal has a capacity to hold 10ml of your favourite facial serum or essential oil.

How to use:

1. Fill Rock Gua Sha Roller with your favourite essential oil/facial serum.

2. Take a deep breath and set your intention.

3. Gently Roll oil/serum over the face.

4. Lightly press rose quartz stone on your face. For best results, follow stroking steps (ie Gua Sha) on the diagram. Repeat each stroke for a minimum of 3-5 times.

Keep readily accessible for frequent use.