Blessings From Our Clients

We have been blessed to work with numerous souls over the years. Here is what a few of them have had to say:  


"I came to Helena at a very trying time in my life. With illness in the family, lots of change both personally and professionally, I was struggling to find happiness and regain my usual lust for life.  I tried psychotherapy, psychiatry, meditation, wellness retreats, anything to help me improve my outlook on life. I was putting in the work, but something was missing. A close friend recommended Helena, and my first session with her was like coming home. Helena awakened something in me that had been asleep deep inside my being since childhood. For the first time, I could see a path towards serenity with such clarity that it scared me. The fear was quickly overcome by the excitement of finding answers that were always there within me: Helena was the conduit for them to come to the surface and for me to finally begin the process of healing. Helena’s authenticity, patience, prescience, and incredible knowledge of the art of spiritual healing make each experience with her both powerful and life-changing. Our work together has been a true blessing for me."    



"Our life journey brings us through many channels of positive change and growth, and sometimes pain and fear. Through all of the cycles of expansion, I personally believe that to try and do it alone, is well... a very lonely process that sometime feels like an upward climb. I was referred to Helena through a psychic medium session, and she recommended that I meet with Helena. I am feeling so blessed that I listened to this guidance and followed through. Sometimes we feel trepidation when exploring a new avenue of healing. When meeting Helena for the first time, I had this immediate knowing of a divine connection with her and I instinctively knew that I would be lead from the heart and soul. Her very presence is magical and she expresses healing wisdom and a deep connection to spirit and mother earth. I have referred many people to Helena since my first experience with her and will continue to do so. I myself have continued to meet with her for a variety of reasons that are sometimes very deeply seeded and sometimes simply to receive balance and harmony. Blessings to anyone who allows themselves the opportunity to connect with this beautiful spirit of the earth and universe."



"I began seeing Helena during a time period of extreme upheaval and change in my life. I had already started the work of breaking old patterns in my life before meeting Helena, but Helena completely lifted that process onto a whole other path of healing. Helena's ability to cut through the noise of each area of work within me in order to pinpoint specific issues made every session I had with her unique and powerful. I was shocked at how I felt during and after my first healing session with her. It was a truly cathartic experience that brought a lot of my emotion to the surface. Only here was I able to truly start to heal and let go of things that had previously held me back. Helena's soft, warm and compassionate nature made it easy for me to connect with her and share with her things I really wouldn't think about sharing with anyone else. The experiences I have had with her are deep and the effects of her sessions are lasting. Thank you, Helena."



"My experience working with Helena has been incredibly rewarding. I was struggling with personal battles for years and thought I tried everything to make things better and get passed a standstill I felt in my life. After speaking to family, close friends and various registered therapists, the universe finally brought Helena into my life and I’ve been so grateful ever since. Her cleansing sessions have helped me get back on my feet again. She was able to help me find new ways to close old chapters in my life that were instrumental in moving forward and finding inner peace. 



Following recent bad luck, Helena also came to my home to do a full cleanse of my family’s environment. We’ve truly noticed a difference in how much smoother new challenges are faced and handled. She truly wants to help others help themselves to overcome blocks, negative thoughts, fears, challenges and so on. I can not recommend her services enough! 

Helena, thank you again for all your help, guidance and healing. You make this world a better place."



"After several years of unsuccessful therapy to manage and cope with the aftermath of very unhealthy, abusive and toxic relationships I was referred to Helena. Looking to move forward and truly begin to heal in an authentic way, I had began my journey with Helena. Not fully aware of how profound her process would be, I immediately felt a sense of peace and understanding that was unparalleled to anything I’d experienced in the past. She guided me in the most gentle and caring way yet remained diligent about not re-living my pain, but working through it and most notably, moving past it. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Helena for her unwavering commitment to her clients but also the genuine and sincere approach she takes to not only getting one through their affliction, but walking through it with them. I have since felt an inner peace that has given me a completely different perspective and calmness in knowing that life is beautiful, and so incredibly sweet-I just needed this angel of a woman to assist me in getting there. If there is anyone out there, feeling sad, discouraged, defeated, alone, anxious or simply uneasy or pondering Helena is someone who will instantly connect (or disconnect) you from whatever no longer serves you in a positive way in your life. I have recommended Helena to so many people and cannot say enough about how wonderful she is. Life changing and appreciated beyond comprehension. She is one of the rarest gems that can only enrich ones life for the better."



“Helena, I just wanted to share with you the impact you've had on my own evolution through our sessions together. Your natural guidance has facilitated a deeper awareness of myself, tendencies, and solutions. Many thanks for you being you and offering yourself to the world.” 



“During the months that I worked with [Helena], I have had very deep and profound experiences of connecting with my inner issues and my Higher Self. It was magical to be a part of her sessions. Helena is such a calm and warm person that you feel completely relaxed and safe in her care. She helped me to shift many issues that were causing me problems. I feel comforted knowing that if I have any big challenges, I can always call on her to help me through them. I would recommend Helena to anyone who is wishing to know themselves better and move forward in life with clarity and joy. This world is a brighter place for her light.”



“When I first visited Helena, 4 years ago, I had no clue what to expect. I trusted her but did not know where my session would lead me. Wow, was I in shock when I left that day. The doors that opened in my healing process because of her intuitive and deeply profound approach were numerous. I could not believe what had come out of the journey guided by her. The knowledge [Helena] possesses, paired with her amazing gifts, makes her a real gem for anybody looking to better their life by understanding their path.”



“Helena is very gifted and intuitive. She is gentle, thorough and most importantly someone that you can put your complete trust in. Helena is a great facilitator and can help anyone who is truly interested in doing the inner work necessary for healing. You’ll make a great choice to work with Helena!”

~K. G.

“I have experienced several healing sessions with Helena and can attest to her good abilities by the helpful changes I experienced as a result. Helena has created a comfortable safe space for her clients that is supportive and reassuring. She always listened intently to why I had come to her, to what I wanted to address and heal, then guided me through the Healings with compassion, sensitivity and sureness. I left her feeling lighter, better, clearer knowing I had truly shifted something for the better. I highly recommend Helena. You are in good hands with Helena.”

~W. A.

"Helena is a natural healer. She uses techniques from different modalities which makes her sessions special, powerful, and unique. I always feel like I am in good hands when receiving a healing session from Helena." 

~T. F.


"What can I say? There are no adjectives or emotions to describe the energy you feel when you're around Helena. She is a gift;  A gift of spirit, kindness and conviction. A true empath she tunes in to your feelings immediately. After a string of bad luck, bad choices and toxic relationships both romantic and personal I knew it was time to cut the ties to things that no longer serve me. Though Helena's calming voice and ceremonies I was able to do just that and focus on my authentic self.  I will continue to recommend Helena to family and friends as she is not only a friend but true magic."

~ Anonymous


"I can’t thank Helena enough for how amazing she is and how her spiritual healings have changed my life for the better. Whether it’s a full healing, a chakra cleanse or guided meditation she is truly magical. Everyone needs a healer like her in their life! And I absolutely love my crystal water bottle it makes me feel energized and happier. Thank you again." 



"I don’t think I can put into words how wonderful a session is with Helena. I will do my best. I had a few sessions with Helena and every time I leave feeling content, relaxed and like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. I always learn and grow each and every time I go. I have recently booked an appointment for my daughter and I’m excited for her. Helena practices what she preaches and is very knowledgeable. She is a very calm, welcoming woman and has a way of making you feel safe and loved. Highly recommend this lady!!"


"Soar.see.air is a tremendously gifted healer. She has not only been a wonderful healer but also an exceptionally warm and knowledgeable teacher. I have connected to my past, opened up to the present and I am working on clearing the blocks to my future with soar.see.air. I highly recommend her healing services to anyone looking to feel better and live a lighter life."



"I have spent a long time trying to come up with words to accurately describe my experiences with Helena and yet I have come to terms with the fact that what she does cannot be easily expressed through language, but instead calls to be felt and understood by the heart. Simply, she works her magic and even the totally unprepared will walk away changed. It is important to find someone who can accurately see you and your troubles with a loving and discerning eye and better yet actually help you heal. It is important because digging into old wounds and holding hands with your most vunerable self is no easy task for anyone to endure but with her patient and wise words it is possible. She creates a safe atmosphere for anyone (beginner or seasoned) who wants to go on this journey. I highly encourage anyone seeking her counsel to do just that and to those who already are, you are on the right path."

~Katelyn Marie Clair