Healing Today For A Brighter Tomorrow

All it takes is a willingness to change and an openness to the process. soar.see.air sacred ceremonies can help you heal trauma, connect with ancestors and spiritual messages, and clear blocks or limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. 

Every session begins with a therapeutic conversation and draws from a variety of different ceremonies to create the ideal healing experience for your unique circumstance. Your session may include breathwork, crystal healing, ancient ceremony, plant medicines, or guided spirit travel to go beyond yourself. Occasionally we will find your needs are different from your initial intention in which case, we’ll seamlessly shift gears to bring in the right spiritual guidance. 

All services can be provided in-person or as distance healing, individually or as a couple. 

Trust your journey. Choose the type of appointment that resonates most, knowing that there is no wrong answer and that your session will cater exactly to your needs. 

Individual appointments are $195 / 90-minute session.
If you’re in a coupling and want to work on forgiveness, acceptance, and embracing your future together,
contact me directly to book a customized time to achieve your goals

soar : connect to your past

Let yourself soar into the spirit realm to uncover the limiting beliefs, old patterns, and karmic history that have been holding you back from becoming the person you were meant to be. Heal trauma, address life and past-life experiences, and alleviate fear through a guided ancient healing ceremony designed to discover and connect with your divine self. 

soar sessions often involve:

  • ancestral connections
  • mediumship and spirit journeys
  • animal totem discovery
  • karmic pattern awareness
  • soul retrieval

Book a SOAR session to heal your past and wholeheartedly embrace your future.

see : become open to the present

Change begins the moment we notice our habits and decide we want something else. These sessions help you shine light on your current situation and change your internal story. This guided ceremony will connect you with your Higher Self, the divine part of you that always knows who you truly are, and will act as a mirror to clearly understand and act upon your present circumstances.

see sessions often involve:

  • spiritual ceremony
  • crystal healing
  • ancestral lineage or karma
  • Higher Self connection and guidance
  • forgiveness ceremony

Book a SEE session and break away from what no longer serves you. 

air : clear the blocks to your future

When you’re feeling stuck or confused, this energetic breathwork session will help soothe your nervous system, heal uncomfortable or overpowering emotions, and connect you with your divine self. These sessions energetically clear your chakras, cleanse your auric field, and uncover areas in your life (current or past) where you feel stuck. You may choose to rest during these sessions, trusting Spirit to illuminate your path.

air sessions often involve:

  • energy healing
  • chakra clearing
  • healing touch
  • breathwork
  • entity extractions and breaking unhealthy attachments

Book an AIR session to create clarity and connect to your whole vital self.

soar.see.air is your guide to a lighter life

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soar.see.air provides Healing Services in person in the Ottawa area or though distance healing by phone or over Skype. 

Live in the Ottawa area? We can also cleanse or smudge your home.