Free Yourself From Old Patterns. Create Long-lasting change.

When you let go of limiting beliefs, break free from old patterns, and fully allow yourself to be present, you naturally evolve into the bold, brave, and whole person you were always meant to be. Through personal intention, sacred shamanic ceremonies, breathwork, and guided meditations, you can bring back your power and learn what you need to know to move through life healthier, happier, and on track. 

Based in Ottawa, Canada, soar.see.air offers in-person and distance healing for anyone who seeks clarity and healing, and who has the willingness to witness real change in their life. 

soar.see.air will guide your way


When you require spiritual guidance to heal your past, connect to your ancestors, or discover your totem animal. Soar into the unknown.


When you are ready to change your internal story, understand your present circumstances, or stop your self-sabotage. See your present state. 


Chakra clearing, healing touch, and breathwork for when you are feeling stuck, uncomfortable, or confused. Air out the darkness.

soar.see.air also sells shamanic and medicinal clearing crystals, tinctures, energy sprays, and talismans to aid your healing journey.

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