The soar.see.air Story

Spiritual healing is highly personal. Present day challenges can stem from unfortunate life experiences, daily stress, or past lives. At soar.see.air, you are guided on your journey using sacred space to address the root cause of your issues. We use healing crystals, plant medicines, meditation, breathwork, and ceremony to help you heal on every level of your being: spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional.

soar.see.air was born of the idea that you can evolve in this lifetime, rid yourself of what no longer serves you, and discover new ways to heal and thrive.

The name soar.see.air derives from the French, sorcière, meaning witch or wise woman. It’s a word that represents someone who is connected to Spirit, guided by unseen forces, and inextricably linked to the healing powers of Mother Nature. 

soar.see.air provides Healing Services that help you communicate with your past, present, and future self. We also offer crystals, sacred sprays, tinctures, and talismans through our shop in the main menu. 


Give Yourself The Gift Of The Inner Journey



A Note from Helena

We all have an inner light that connects us to our Higher Self…and within that light there is only love. At my core, I am a facilitator to your healing, a soul committed to holding sacred space and creating a safe environment for you to express yourself freely. Our work together will gently encourage you to love both your shadow and your light. It is my life mission to help you see yourself as a divine being deserving of deep and everlasting love. 

I have a gift for seeing more than what is visible. As a child, I found my deepest connections in nature and turned to photography, so I could capture life in a way that is both physical and ethereal. Yet as I graduated from the NYC Institute of Photography, I knew there was more to my calling than taking pictures.

It wasn’t until my 20s that I fully understood I was connecting with Spirit. Once I brought this new awareness and intention into my practice, my experiences increased in both regularity and depth. I began to receive visits from the spiritual realm and I would deliver the messages accordingly. As my intuition grew stronger, I studied mediumship, ancient shamanic ceremonies, crystal medicine, life coaching, and various breathwork techniques. I make tinctures, sacred sprays, and healing potions for my clients. 

Everything I do is guided by love and MADE WITH LOVE.