Crystal Candle
Crystal Candle
Crystal Candle
Crystal Candle
Crystal Candle

Crystal Candle

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Product Description:

Soar: Dragon's Blood. When you require spiritual guidance to heal your past, connect to your ancestors, or discover your totem animal. Soar into the unknown.

See: Oakmoss + Amber. When you are ready to change your internal story, understand your present circumstances, or stop your self-sabotage. See your present state. 

Air: Lavender + Sage. Chakra clearing, healing touch, and breathwork for when you are feeling stuck, uncomfortable, or confused. Air out the darkness.

Passion: Patchouli. Ignite the fire within in all aspects of your life. Draw positive energy towards yourself,  personal relationships and work environment. 

Love Spell. Cherry Bloosm + Helena's Secret. Its secret blend of ingredients whispers the ancient art of love, transforming any bedroom into a haven of desire and intimate connections.


100% Soy Wax, Organic Essential Oils, 100% Organic Cotton Wick. Phthalate Free.

Size: 9oz/225g.

70+ hours of burning time.


1. Burn within sight. Please do not leave unattended. 

2. Keep away from flammables.

3. Keep away/out of reach from children and pets

4. Trim wick 1/4inch each time before lighting. 

5. Enjoy the magic.