'Water you' doing this Spring?

Hello Sweet Peas,

The excitement of Spring is just around the corner. What a bright time to rejoice and reflect as we march into this lively season. The world suddenly feels fresh and full of promise and the excitement hinged on the guarantee of warmer days ahead.  If these feelings are not in you yet, let’s talk.

Every Flower Blossoms in Its Own Time

Sometimes, it may not feel like there is a spring in your step. You may find yourself under a cloud, questioning your growth and success, or lack-thereof.  Unlike the surety of our changing seasons, measure our growth and progress should not be tied to days on a calendar. Personal development and spiritual expansion are not linear or quantifiable.  In life, there are times for weeding negativity, planting seeds for the future, tending to our goals, harvesting the fruits of our labor, and/or even sitting back and patiently letting nature take its course.

There are entrepreneurs at 18, graduates at 60, self-discovery at 20 – and often self-rediscovery at the popular ‘mid-life crisis’ 50 point. Each of us have our own unique path, purpose, and pace for the lifelong tasks of healing, growth, and self-actualization. 

Every Flower Must Grow Through Dirt

Source of growth isn’t always clean and pretty. To enable life to full bloom, we must enrich your soul. Don’t stress those soiled moments.  Assert yourself with grace and humility when you feel like you showed up as less than your best self.

Always have hope.  That is the greatest source of your soul’s fertility.  Dark skies will clear.  Afterall, dark moments will give you a greater appreciation for the light, and your tears may be just what was needed to water your growth.  Here Comes the Sun…Flowers!  These seeds of hope are for all seasons.  It is never too late or too early to plant. This month, I invite you to celebrate the achievements sprouting all around you, big and small. Here are a few mindfulness prompts to reflect on each day before bed.

· What are 3 things I am proud of?

· What are 3 challenges I overcame?

· What are 3 ways I have helped someone else?

· What are 3 things that have made me smile?

Pause, breathe and take a moment and allow the energy of these questions to be a gentle reminder of your personal accomplishments and self awareness.

Last Bud Not Least

It is my wish to leave you with a Springtime blessing that will fill your heart with sunshine on the rainiest of days.

The weather is warm and the sun is bright,

My wish for you is love and light.

Fear not the storms on turbulent days,

Springtime will bless you in magical ways.

If you want to learn more about fostering growth, planting seeds of success,  cultivating self-love, seeking guidance, heart healing and or require general support please click here to to book a sacred session with me. 

Never stop be-leafing,