Walking Gracefully Through Fire

Hello Spiritual Family,  

As you may be well aware, there are many times in the year when shifts happen. September is one of those times - summer is winding down and the school year is ramping up. September oddly feels more like the beginning of a new year than January does. 

When a shift happens, there will likely be some bumps in the road - new schedules to navigate, shorter days affecting your mood, and even noticeable changes in our appetites and energy levels (helllooo hibernation prep). 

I have come to appreciate through all the shifts that having a spiritual practice is grounding and ESSENTIAL to our well being. 

How Gracefully You Walk Through The Fire 

Someone shared a quote recently that read “what matters most is how gracefully you walk through the fire”. Teach and remind yourself  that there will always be a fire to be put out, but there are ways in which we can navigate with grace to protect ourselves from burn(out). 

Adding a spiritual practice can stoke the ‘positivity’ fire inside us while extinguishing pent-up negative energy. 

A Slow Burn 

One way to help yourself on a path to spiritual surrender is to start with a morning ritual. 

Something small and manageable that allows you to start your day in a positive energetic state.

This can be writing or repeating affirmations to yourself, a short yoga flow, or a 5 minutes of meditation. 

Harnessing positivity early in the day can help keep you stay fueled all day: a slow burn if you will. 

Extinguish Burnout With Breath Healing 

Now of course, sometimes mornings or days get away from us and the intentions we set in the AM don’t always carry us through the challenges presented throughout the day. 

Here’s where we can reach for additional practices when face-to-face with some excessive heat. 

Breath is an automatic diffuser that can help us cool off - I like to take 3-5 deep (and I mean DEEP) breaths when something challenges me. These breaths create a moment of pause and space, allowing me to understand the situation a little better and formulate a response rather than a reaction. 

Another practice, or ‘strike’ the proverbial iron in the spiritual fire, is to keep talismans or crystals close by to help ground us. Sometimes the sight or feel of an item we believe to be powerful can help us shift our perspective or emotions. 

At the end of the day, if a person or situation has been especially challenging, I practice mediating and letting everything that is on my mind flow out of me. I find this to be an exceptionally cathartic release as I feel my anxious thoughts escape my head and thus creating space to focus on more positive things. 

Ignite Your Light 

At the end of the day, you were meant to burn bright like the sun and provide warmth and colour to the world around you. 

A spiritual practice helps guide you back to this state of balance time and time again.

When you feel that light getting dim, I invite you to turn within. 

Fan the flames of positivity and allow yourself to grin. 

Click here today and book your sacred session to extinguish the many fires that have been creating tension in your life and let's rejuvenate your personal power. 

So Much Love,