Just a few weeks ago, my sweet little healer and fur baby, Kawhi, passed away. Less than a year ago, our precious Kawhi showed up in our laneway as a stray. With his big honey eyes and his little furry body, it was really hard to turn him away. We went through many names (Cookie, Puppy, Couscous, Zahtar - after the beautiful and decadent Lebanese breakfast) before we ultimately decided upon Kawhi. At that time, the Toronto Raptors were in the NBA Championship Finals and we loved and admired Kawhi Leonard’s passion for the game. 

For those of you who met Kawhi, he was a great healer in my practice and a loyal pet to my family. The love he bestowed into my home and the hearts of my clients really goes beyond words. I recently discovered to no surprise that the meaning of the name Kawhi is “large, powerful hands”. 

His passing has hit me hard. In my grief, it occurred to me that the pain I experienced with this loss was an exact match to the amount of love I had for him. 

It seems to me that many of us are going through periods of grief and loss: losing a loved one, missing our families, feeling disconnected from our old routines, and even in the helplessness of the global pandemic.

What can we do to heal ourselves in a time of grief and loss?

We all have an innate magical ability to work through our sorrows and face what’s ahead of us. It’s important to not push these heavy emotions away but to simply engage in them and fully allow what needs to be there. We can lean on the healing properties of TIME and THYME. 

Thyme is a native Mediterranean herb that has been used for a thousand of years in my culture to cook with, use as an antiseptic to heal wounds, burn-in homes as an aromatic essence, or clear away negative energies. 

Thyme is a powerful herb that conditions us with strength and courage. It’s a natural mood booster and it’s said to positively affect our dopamine and serotonin levels. It can also create the emotional space to set intentions and move toward acceptance, finding the inner peace to continue on our journey.

In Kawhi’s memory and in support of all of us going through a period of grief and loss, I have created a new Energy in a Bottle “THYME IS A HEALER”. Infused with pure thyme, the power of loving rose quartz, and the energy of the sun and full moon, this is a great way to invite mother earth’s beauty into your home. You can find it in the Shop. 

Different ways to use Thyme

Energy in a Bottle

This powerful ancient herb enhances peace during difficult “thymes”.

THYME IS A HEALER spray draws upon the energy of deceased loved ones.

Infused with the loving energy of Rose Quartz and the medicinal Thyme plant, this sacred spray cleanses and comforts your energetic field, provides energetic support, and uplifts the spirit to support the healing process. 

Blessed in a traditional ceremony and guided by the loving energy of my spirit guide, Kawhi. 

Smudge sticks

-sprinkle the herb to bless your food/sacred space

-use as smudge bundles to invite spirit of loved ones

-burn to open sacred space

-place in your bathtub as an aromatic infusion

-mood booster 

Living Plant

-growing thyme in your home can attract the spirits of loved ones

-use it for cooking (we often use it in traditional Lebanese breakfasts)

-use as a tea for fight sore throat and boost immunity 

Kawhi taught me how greatly matched love and grief are in this part of life’s great cycle and how truly blessed I am to have had the opportunity to learn from him. 

Grief comes and goes but one emotion remains consistent and that is LOVE. It is the base root of all good things. It is the light in our darkness and the hope in our fear. If you need a little help getting there, you can also book a virtual session (hopefully in person soon) to travel into that sacred space to heal or seek what you most need to move forward. Just hit reply to this email. 

Thyme blessings,