The Light Beyond Judgment

Dear Spiritual Reader,

In my reflections and journeys, both personal and shared with you, I've come to contemplate deeply on the essence of judgment and its wise impact on our lives. Judgment, at its core, is our mind's way of categorizing the world around us—labeling thoughts, actions, and people as right or wrong, good or bad, often through the lens of our own experiences and cultural conditioning.

Interestingly, the theme of judgment doesn't just play out in our daily interactions; it also has a significant presence in the Tarot deck, represented by the Judgment card. This card is not about condemnation or criticism but symbolizes rebirth, inner calling, and the realization of one's life purpose. It invites us to reflect on our past, understand our present, and make conscious choices that align with our highest good. This powerful symbolism deeply resonates with me, as it highlights the transformative potential of using judgment as a tool for self-reflection and growth, rather than a weapon of criticism.

In our everyday lives, the balance with judgment is sometimes distorted and often unconscious. We might find ourselves judging others for their choices and paths, not realizing that these judgments reflect our own insecurities, biases, or unhealed wounds. Similarly, the harsh judgments we place upon ourselves can be debilitating, creating barriers to our own expansion and fulfillment.

But here's the beauty of understanding judgment through the lens of the Tarot and our spiritual practices: it teaches us that every moment of judgment is an opportunity for awakening. When we catch ourselves in the act of judging, we're being called to look deeper—to question our preconceptions, to heal our inner wounds, and to open our hearts to compassion and empathy.

I've come to see that the cultures we're part of play a significant role in shaping our judgments. We're often not even aware of how deeply ingrained these cultural beliefs are, influencing how we view others who walk different paths or embody different ways of being. Recognizing this has been a humbling journey for me, prompting me to practice seeing beyond the immediate judgments of the stories that live within, experiences, and truths that every soul carries.

Transforming Judgment into a Path of Light

Here's how I've been healing generational judgement and transforming it from a source of division to a bridge towards understanding, acceptance and self-discovery:

1. Awareness: It starts with becoming aware of my judgments, acknowledging them without self-condemnation. This awareness is the first step towards change.

2. Curiosity: I try to approach judgments with curiosity. Why am I feeling this way? What does this reveal about my beliefs, fears, or unhealed aspects?

3. Compassion: Extending compassion—both to myself and others—helps dissolve judgments. Understanding that we're all doing our best based on what is known to us cultivates a sense of shared humanity.

4. The Judgment card in the Tarot deck reminds me to listen to my inner calling and use judgment as a tool for personal rebirth and transformation. It's about answering to our higher selves and making choices that serve our ultimate growth.

5. Release and Forgive: I practice releasing judgments, visualizing them floating away like leaves on a river. This act of release is accompanied by forgiveness, for myself and others, understanding that we're all navigating this complex journey of life as best we can.

A Simple Meditation for Releasing Judgment

Whenever I find myself tangled in judgments, I turn to a simple meditation practice.

I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths, grounding myself in the present.

I visualize each judgment as a cloud in the sky of my mind, acknowledging its presence without attachment. Then, gently, with each exhale, I imagine these clouds dissolving, leaving behind a clear, open sky—symbolizing my mind free from judgments, open to love and serenity.

This practice has been a very useful tool for me, helping to clear the space for more kindness, grace, and genuine connections in my life. It reminds me that each of us is striving for peace with the wisdom and resources we have at this present time in life.

As we journey forward, I invite you to explore your own relationship with judgment. May we use it not as a sword to divide but as a mirror for our own healing light and a bridge towards a deeper version to reach our higher-self.

With love and divine non-judgment,

Helena xo