soar.see.air is expanding

Happy Tuesday, Light Warriors,

Soar.See.Air is expanding on the River, and we are excited to share this wonderful update with you.

We are experiencing a time of significant growth:

- time to plant seeds of desire

- reset and transform your energy

- heal your grief

- allow yourself to fully feel

- welcome love

- align your bodies with purpose

It's a time to laugh, to cry, and to SEE the LOVE, connecting to the light beings we are meant to become.

I am here to help you find your light in the darkest moments. Remember, everything you need lives inside of you, and you are the KEY 🔑  to unlocking your happiness and health.

As we feel this transitional seasonal shift, it’s up to us to make changes and choose ourselves.

Happiness is calling, and this message is coming through loud and clear.


I will be taking time off from June through August this summer and will return in September 2024 to my regular healing practice schedule. If you would like to book a session before my break or for my return, please book your session on-line at


Stay tuned for more updates on our meditations on the deck, heart-healing cacao ceremonies, and fire rituals that we will host throughout the summer evenings.

These gatherings will be designed to nurture your spirit and strengthen your connection with nature and our spiritual community.

As always, thank you for being part of this healing journey.

To all things beautiful,

Helena xo