Hello Spiritual Family,

I am back with a special broadcast this month and it is all about slowing down.

We are taught how to inhale, how to exhale, and how to move rapidly through life. 

But no one ever taught us to pause and take up space in-between. In fact, sometimes I forget there is space in-between.

Space that I can create between my inhale and exhale. 

Space exists between an action and a reaction. 

Those joyful few seconds where I am hanging in absolute balance and considering what’s next. 

This sacred space has been calling to me at high volume lately and I want to turn it up for you too.


While not turning down the vibrational frequencies of our thoughts or actions, I think there is a great opportunity to press pause in our lives.

In that stillness and out of the static, we can start to ask ourselves some good questions.

How will our actions affect others? 

How do I want to respond to this situation vs reacting right away? 

How am I feeling at this moment?

What do I actually think about this? 

How does my physical body feel? 

Allowing ourselves to inhabit this airspace, we give ourselves the chance to make meaningful choices. And that is just good news for everyone.


Even when we feel like there is NO time to slow down I promise you there is always room for a little more space and grace in your life.

What if I told you that slowing down for those few seconds to pause and consider, could actually save you so much time in the long run. 

Imagine thinking about what you’re doing, before you’re doing it. Fewer mistakes will happen, fewer reactionary words that could cause harm, fewer impulse purchases.


I’ve been personally working hard at slooooowing down and easing off the gas to let impulses pass. It’s definitely not always the easiest work but it makes real a difference.

If you feel like your life is spinning out of control, I am here to answer your call. My sacred sessions are all about taking time and creating space for your truth to come up and out.

Click here to book a session today.

I think slowing down deserves a round of a-pause. 

Always A-pausing for you, Helena xo