Power Of Positivity

Happy Monday light beings,

As we step into this new week, let's harness the boundless power of positivity.

Mondays offer a fresh start upon which we can cultivate our intentions.

Embrace this day (everyday!!) with a heart filled with gratitude, a mind open to possibilities, and a spirit brimming with resilience.

Remember, every moment that feels heavy or confrontational is an opportunity for growth, kindness, and transformation.

You never really know what your loved ones/co-workers/friends are really going through. Let's infuse our actions and interactions with the luminous energy of our positive souls, illuminating not only our own path but also the journey of those we touch and come across.

This week, let's choose to radiate positivity and create a ripple of light that brightens the world around us.

With great love, your favourite local neighbour Witch xo