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As we prepare to SPRING into a new season, I’ve been thinking about how the end of winter affects all of us. When winter and the hibernation season finally comes to an end, we start planting new seeds, pointing our life and energy into a new direction, leaning into this new energy to fulfill our deepest and truest soul’s purpose.
Planting season is on its way and guess what? You are the flower you are going to begin growing. You are deeply worth watering. You deserve the tending to and weeding out the energy that no longer serves you. You deserve the care of your well-being. 
Be patient with the process.
Healing takes time and the words you use have the power to hurt or heal. Some of us have a tendency to keep our words to ourselves, pushing the emotions down until they bubble up in anger or illness. Others tend to speak their minds, finding that the repercussions of over-speaking can be problematic in their own ways. Regardless of whether you speak up or suppress your emotions, both have a hurting impact on yourself and others.
Which one are you? An over speaker or suppressor? 
Regardless of how you share (or don’t share), here are some ideas that can help you free up the energy around your throat center and help you heal: 
Sing in the shower and let yourself feel the vibrations of your voice. 
Start a journal to share your deepest thoughts. 
Call a friend, talk on the phone or Skype. Make that connection. 
Tell someone how you feel. Have you been holding onto something you need to share? Now is a great time to let go. 

As you go forward with your days, pay attention. What is your body saying to you? What messages are you receiving? More importantly what area of your life do you need to let go of that no longer serves you? 
There is a lot of fresh magic on the earth at this time and Opalite stone is one of them. 
Yes, Opalite is a manmade stone but so is the energy we create in our bodies. This stone is an aided energy invitation to open your throat center-your 5th chakra-gifting yourself the permission to express your communication on all levels in your life. 
If Opalite is calling you today, I invite you to notice how you’re communicating with yourself and the world around you. 
You can find Opalite Angel in our shop
soar.see.air gently invites you to sign up for a healing session where we can work together using Opalite to heal and release any stagnant or stuck energy in your throat center. This work will also help align your heart and mind, allowing you the strength you need to verbalize your hidden and suppressed feelings and open you to authentic self-expression and your divine truth. 
Ask yourself, what kind of seeds are you planting for the coming year? Will you cultivate flow, healing, and communication?
You can book a session online or reply to the email.  
May your life be graced with Opalite magic,