Pearl Of Wisdom

Hello Beautiful Pearl Gemstones,

This month I felt called to share the beauty and magic of PEARLS, as it is the birthstone for June. This precious gemstone of the sea carries ancient wisdom and symbolizes calm balance.

What you SEA is not always what you get 

The pearl can teach us so much about ourselves. It is ripe with ancient wisdom and purity. You might be SHELL-shocked to learn that it is the only gemstone that is created within a living organism (thank you oysters!)

This little sea treasure is hidden inside what can arguably be described as an ugly shell. Oysters are not exactly known as the showboats of the sea, although they are tasty and my favourite appetizer!!

Has anyone been judging a book by its cover? 

Or a gem by its shell, if you will? 

You SEA, pearls teach us that sometimes outside appearance can be raw, rough, and at times salty.  However, what lies inside may be silky, smooth, and beautiful. You just never know what treasure you might find within when you take time to look past that hard-to-crack shell. It truly is the inside that counts and where one’s magic exists. We must remind ourselves of this as well. 

Anyone else get too hung up on what they look like and forget to honour and appreciate the unique beauty they have inside? 

Diving Deep 

Pearls remind us that all good things take a little effort. One of my favourite quotes is "Pearls don't lie on the seashore, if you want one, you must dive for it”. 

Where in life do you need to dive deep to retrieve your gem? 

What is your biggest worry and how can you see it as an opportunity for growth?

What area(s) of life do you hold yourself back, keeping your beautiful inner-truth from being seen? 

What are the truest things you know about yourself? 

When does your exterior not match how you feel internally?

The pearl is here to help you seek wisdom through these questions. It is a symbol of resilience and sincerity which is so important when diving deep into our truths. Like turning a speck of sand into a lustrous gem. 

Trusting your unique inner form is imperative when healing and doing this soul-searching work. 

In a Sea-Shell… 

The pearl is here to help us discoverer our most authentic selves regardless of the exterior package. It is never cut or trimmed, it is perfect as it is. Just like YOU! 

So take out your grandmother's pearl set and remember that you are divine in the form you are feeling today. Honour yourself as one honours their set of pearls.

And if you want to dive deep with me to retrieve your inner pearl, book yourself a sacred session click here

Deep-SEE hugs and salty kisses,