Manifesting Dreams the Color of Sunrise

Greetings Sunflowers,

We've made it through the snowy winter and rainy spring and summer's dawn is finally upon us. In today's day and age, the passing of the seasons can sometimes act as a backdrop to the busyness of life. Yet, for our ancestors, the Summer Solstice was a time to celebrate the free flow of water and sunshine. Full of gratitude for what their efforts had reaped thus far but also making them mindful of the harvest soon to come.

I encourage you to take this time to ask yourself, what intentions you have for the sea-sun of summer? It could be finding a partner, starting a new career, maybe you are saving for a trip, or trying for a baby. Whatever your goals, this is a great time to look at the sunny side of things and start manifesting them. 

The Sky's the Limit

Your ability to manifest is limited only by your imagination and beliefs. We often cast a shadow on future potential by thinking too small or raining on our own dreams with doubt. As they say, if you shoot for the moon and miss, you will still find yourself amongst the stars. Well, if you shoot for the sun and miss, you'll still be flying high. Dream big because whether you succeed or not, your dreams will propel you forward.

Let the Shadows Fall Behind You

Think of your manifestation practice as a garden; you can plant seeds of health, wealth, romance, or spiritual growth. Though, weeds of negativity like worry, doubt, fear, and low self-worth can also grow. The best way to pluck the weeds that block your intentions from the sunshine is to practice mindfulness, meditation, and positive affirmations. Keep looking on the sunny side of things because optimism is a manifestation magnet.

Above the Clouds, the Sun is Always Shining

One of the most essential secret ingredients for manifesting is patience. Manifestation takes time; your goals are just one piece of the universal network and order. You will achieve your intentions when they suit your greatest good and highest purpose. Trust the process and warm up to the idea that things are moving forward according to Divine timing, just as surely as a new day will dawn.

Parting Rays

l will leave you with this little ditty in the hopes it will brighten your day:

Blessings from the Divine are as abundant as the sun

May you manifest all life's gifts, not lacking for one

Though, the greatest joy you can acquire

Is sharing a smile, hug, or word to inspire

For the loveliest pleasure is to give and not get

Filling your life with abundance you'll never forget

If you need some illumination regarding overcoming energetic clouds that block you from manifesting your true heart's desire please click here to book your sacred session with me today.

It will be my honour to be your guiding light to a brighter future. 

Sunshine blessings,