I don’t know about you but maybe its the great celebration of St.Patrick’s day that has passed or perhaps it is the fact that the world has started to turn a bit greener  but I am really channeling LUCK right now.

Tales of good fortune and Celtic energy are coming through and it had me thinking. 

What the luck, is luck!? 

To me, it goes hand in hand with spiritual energy and the notion of cultivating what you plant or release into the world (Karma) but I am sure others have a different perspective. This energy also melds with gratitude, anyone can view themselves as lucky by being grateful for everything they DO have in this moment. 

Has luck played a significant role in your life and if so, do you feel you’ve been able to pass along your good fortune to others? 

Or, on the flip side of the 4 leaf clover, do you feel you need to work for your luck? 

Do you have any lucky charms or lucky socks perhaps that you put on before something important?


The Irish are known for their folklore and tales about what is deemed to be lucky. It is said that if your left hand itches it means you will receive money but only if you scratch it on wood. If your right hand itches it means you will loose money. And, to get dirt on oneself is to be considered a bearer of luck (the dirtier the better). 

With this in mind, are there any lucky rituals you would like to dive into this spring?

Spring is know to be a time to embrace the elements of wood and air - could you scratch your left hand on wood to receive some golden coins?

Or maybe bring in some plants to your home and get a little dirtier to be bless your fortune?


No matter what you believe, there are always some magical moments that can bring forth good fortune. And many times, we have a pile of great fortune right under our noses that just needs to be acknowledged. Luck and riches doesn’t always look like a pot of gold, sometimes it looks like a warm pot of homemade soup or a golden smile. 

And sometimes is looks like a rainbow after the rain. 

Magic is all around, it just takes a lucky soul to see it. 

Stay Lucky,