Love Letter

Hello love bugs,

This month, this letter is true to the name and is all about that warm, fuzzy feeling we all…LOVE! 

L is for the way you look at yourself

O is for the only one of you, you need to be

V is because you’re very very, extraordinary. 

E is about loving yourself even more than anyone else you could adore 

Bonus points if you sang that out loud!


Instead of me writing about how much I love you and this community, I invite you to practice a little self-love. 

What if you wrote yourself a love letter? What if you stood in front of a mirror and allowed all the goodness and juicy AMORE in your heart to shine right at yourself.

What do you want to say? 

What words will you use to describe yourself? 

What do you love most about yourself? 

What do you love most about your body? 

How do you love yourself even when you make mistakes? 

How do you love your personality? 

What are your favourite quirks about yourself? 

What are you most proud of? 

You will magically feel the power of love when you let is all ‘spell’ out in the ‘write’ way.  

To love oneself is an incredible way to show up powerfully in this world. With the barrage of social pressures commercializing for change, being in love with exactly who you are can feel like an act of rebellion.

You are perfect, exactly as you are. And putting pen to paper will help remind yourself of this. 

Write on,