Light Attracts Light

Hello Shiny Beings. 

We are early into the summer season and at last able to enjoy brighter days, share open-hearted gatherings with family and friends, toast life transitions and soar into spiritual awakenings. It is the best time to celebrate this light and energy shift in us by soaking up the rays of the sun and embracing the light within ourselves. Its beam way too long! 

Light Attracts Light 

When you tap into your inner magic, like a ray of sunshine you send out a beacon of light which is felt by everyone. For some, it will inspire them to shine brighter and step more fully into their energy. Like a candle whose flame does not diminish by lighting the wick of others, you too have nothing to lose and can serve as that bit of warmth that ignites and inspires others. When this chain reaction occurs, you will find yourself surrounded by and attracted to light (like) minded, vibrant, and more enriched souls. So go out and shine as bright as you can. 

‘Soul’ar Powered 

Like the sun that is fueled from within, you can also generate and nourish your inner light source. You achieve this by expressing your soul fully in all of your creative channels. Dig deep. It’s time to be all that you can. 

What ignites your inner flame? 

  • Do you find your power and creativity through artistic channels? 
  • Does your light shine through number crunching or organizing? 
  • Are you a natural beacon of love and support to your family and friends? 

In whatever way your deepest truths ignite you, allow this light to power you to be all that you are for the world to see and feel. 

Shine On 

What is preventing you from connecting to your inner shine?

  • Courage to speak up?
  • Cord-cutting from an unhealthy relationship?
  • Worried about what others may think of you?
  • Feeling that you don’t belong?
  • Experiencing guilt or shame?
  • People-pleasing?

If you need support to ride those summer solar waves or find what fuel is best for your inner flame, click here to book your healing session today. 

‘If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely” - Roald Dahl

Love & Light