Let it fall, Let it fall, Let it fall

Tis the season to let it fall, let it fall, let it fall!

There is something incredibly uplifting and freeing about splashing in the backyard pool and soaking in the sparkling sun, but what of the magical and meaningful blessings of autumn? The perspective that summer is better than autumn is such a fall-acy. When we embrace each season’s unique gifts, the more fulfillment and awareness the new season will bring. And be-leaf it or not, Mother Nature’s seasonal rhythm is a masterclass in how to weather life’s changes.

Be Like a Tree And Let The Leaves Drop 

Every autumn, after the green leaves take on their ruby red and gilded golden hues, they fall. The leaves scattering the ground are the last remnants of summer. But does Gaia feel sorrow over the fallen leaves? No way!! She is busy preparing for a new energy abundant with clove, cinnamon, pumpkin, apples, brisk mornings, and cozy evenings. Fall-owing her grace, we too should practise to be grate-fall for the changes within our inner season. Not because these changes are easy, they often aren’t, but we must be willing to shed and let go of what no longer serves us in order to make space for something new.

Sometimes, the most challenging part of letting go is "accepting' that something has ended or we stop honouring ourselves by letting go of who we are truly meant to be. When we take the time to see the changes in our life as we do the changing seasons, we can find acceptance. For acceptance is a bountiful harvest that feeds our soul with gifts such as moving on, letting go, forging forgiveness and practising peace.

The Balance Between Hanging On And Letting Go

All endings don’t end apple-y ever after although, with a little heart work, it definitely can. Life is both happy and sad. A balance of staying vs letting go, grief vs acceptance or a controlling tight grip vs moving on. Yes, the universe is all a divine balance between shadow and light. Therefore, to be in complete alignment, we need to embrace and, whenever possible, heal both dualities.

The fall season reminds us that there can be purpose in the shadows. During the shadow season, the days get darker, and the chill fills the air, leading us to find restful solace deep within our home. Just like the natural shift in our seasons, we can derive purpose, healing, and feeling from each phase of our personal experiences. 

Before We Leaf

Let’s face it, letting go can be very challenging, whether it is saying goodbye to summer, minimizing our closet, forming new workout goals, making peace with the past, or forgiving yourself or a loved one. Know, you can trust that once you let those leaves fall, you will find new growth and flourish in the expansion of life's blessings. 

If you are feeling fear or uncertainty around a new change in your life click HERE to book your personal sacred session. You deserve to gift yourself permission to release, move on, nuture your spirit, open your heart, be brave and trust the inevitable changing process of life. 

A gift from my heart to yours, created with love, a prayer that you can use whenever you feel fear, stress or pain of having to let go.

With Divine timing and universal flow

I invoke spiritual peace and courage to let go

I may be fearful or filled with pain

But I trust my heart will be filled again

I release________________ into the light

Blessed Be /Amen

Wishing you a beauti-fall autumn, and remember, don’t sweat the fall stuff,