Learn from YESterday and Focus on Today

Hello Precious Cherub, 

This month, I would like you to give yourself permission to say ‘yes’.  I should elaborate. Say yes only to what brings you joy and muster the courage to forgo giving your precious time to things that you feel you need to do out of obligation.

I’d actually like to rename this month YES-VEMBER! 

Outside your regular thoughts often consumed by our daily routines, the universe is always co-conspiring with your true self to serve your heart’s desires. If you allocate just a bit of time to meditate, you will feel the signs. 

Trust your heart and say yes to yourself and enable your inner longing for personal growth and spiritual expansion.

All signs point to YES

Consider the following questions:

- What have always wanted to say YES to but just kept ignoring? 

- What would YES feel like in my body? 

- What do I see others doing that I always thought of doing myself but have not? 

Learn from YESterday and Focus on Today

New perspective. Focus on what you will action now.

-What small step can you take today towards manifesting your personal happiness? 

-Have you wanted to apply for a job without a plan? Take a leap of faith. 

-Feeling stressed about holiday shopping? Wait to be inspired by the perfect gift. 

-For too long, you’ve had had an itch to take a course? Sign up today.

Know the NO

As important as it is to feel the yes, it’s also important to know the no. After all it is NO-vember.

How does no feel in your body? 

Often uncomfortable emotions linger within, and we know that our body is in the NO state. You will feel that ’no’ bubbling within - sometimes it comes in the form of anxiety, tightness in the body, or unrelenting thoughts on the issue creating many sleepless nights.

This is your inner compass pointing you away from what you don’t want and towards what you need. Even if you don’t know that end destination yet, trust yourself. 

This month, I invite you to tune your internal frequency to YES radio and get your self-awareness jamming. 

If you find yourself overwhelmed and your energy feeling a no vibration, feelings of stagnant unhappiness in your thoughts or a stiffness in your heart, click here to get a clearing from me and my guides. Let's find the right station together.

Our guided sessions in visualization and meditation will help your spirit soar deeper into the subconscious to discover what lights you up.

I’m always a yes for you,

Helena xo