Healing With Peridot

Bonjour my petit peri's,

We are right in the middle of green season and feeling the magic of earth’s full bloom. I would like to share the powers of Peridot, the birthstone for August. Its colour with respect to nature’s most abundant energy in August is no coincidence. 

This stone matches that of the beautiful and gentle green hues of nature and has much to teach us about our own personal growth.

Green Team

Peridot packs a big punch in the spiritual ring. This ancient stone is all about strengthening the heart and releasing outside influences that no longer match with our soul’s purpose. You may notice this stone appearing in your life when there is a feeling that it is time to make a change. This is an inner call to tap into your higher self.

Fun fact. In the Arabic culture, the origin of the name Faridat means "God's blessing" and "Gem". Wearing a piece of this gem is said to ward off evil spirits, preventing night terrors, surrounding you with God's blessings. 


Often times in doing this work, what calls to your heart center can be at odds with the world around us. Peridot is here to comfort us in knowing that it is not really about speaking up or making our voices heard externally. What matters is our internal per-ing and ignoring outside influences - per-i-doing what is right for you and you alone. 

In its widest sense, this precious stone helps you be accountable for your actions.  Which, I believe, when we choose to align with our own clarity and truth, is an easier thing to do.  

Invite the energy of this stone to give you the strength you need, and permission to go for it and release any sense of guilt. 

Stone’s Throw 

How can you begin to embody some of these qualities that are merely a stone's throw away? 

It can start with asking yourself questions and listening to your inner voice for answers.  

Actions will follow true answers and Peridot is here to guide you. 

Have you been holding on to guilt?

Have you tried to per your energy with someone that no longer serves you, leaving you feeling drained?

What aspect of yourself are you ignoring?

Do you struggle to find compassion for yourself?

Have a fear of being unaccepted?

Do you experience nightmares?

What do you see with your unique per of eyes? 

It can be especially meaningful to hold or wear this stone close when contemplating some of these big questions. Trusting in its energetic powers can help release the guilt you may feel from having an inner voice that differs with that of the world around you. There is no need to feel guilt for following your truth. EVERRRR!!! 

I also encourage you to focus on cleansing breaths - long deep inhales and full deep exhales - to calm the nervous system and move out stuck energy that may be blurring your clarity. 

Lastly, you can always call upon Peridot Goddess Lakshmi for guidance or protection. She reigns in the world of abundance and wealth which typically can flow when you’ve unblocked any sense of guilt or fear. 

I am always here to hold sacred space for you to connect with the answers within and to help guide you on your light path in this realm. 

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With all my heart, I believe in you.