Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 

Can you believe it is already 2021? It seems like this year has lasted forever and yet flew by at the same time!  When I tuned into my guides the messages to be received from the Universe for this New Year I heard “holding it all together” most prominently which, flowed into an idea of actually letting it all go.

2020 has felt like a year that we have been clutching to any life raft we could find and trying to hold it all together. I believe this to be a natural reaction and in some ways it does serve us. But there is so much to be discovered and created when we let go. I see 2021 as the opportunity to loosen the grip, relax your muscles and welcome in a more authentic self.  This work is like finding your own North Star that will bring you on to an aligned path of being.

What do you need to let go of?

There are lots of questions you can ask yourself to uncover where or what you might be holding on to. It’s like being your own detective! 

-How many people you are willing to let go in order to achieve real happiness? 

-How many things or people are you afraid to lose to become your authentic self?

-What and who are you pleasing while remaining personally unhappy? 

-How is that serving you? 

-What version of yourself do you need to throw overboard to start commandeering your journey with pride and a sense of peace?

-What would your happiest and most authentic self look like? 

-How would you feel to let go of some of the people or circumstances that are holding you back?

How can you start to let go?

 I’ve come up with a few ways in which you can embrace the art of letting go:

-Writing down anything that is holding you back or that you’ve been holding on to (maybe even throwing the paper into the fire!)

-Having a good cry, shower crying is encouraged!

-Head for a walk outside with no agenda except to release energy through movement

-Take some deep deep breathes to help unblock energy centres

-Slowly start to unravel ties with people who don’t support your best self 

If these practices are feeling like a mirage or just out of reach and you need someone to throw you a buoy to guide you to them, I am always here. Ready to help you seek your truth. Ready to guide you back home to your authentic self. Grab ahold and book your sacred session here. Let us navigate these waters together. 

Let the winds of change blow! 

Helena xo