Hand To Heart And Mind

As we ease back into our routines after the holiday season, it's the perfect time to hit that reset button and draw our energies and power back into our bodies. However, you may find yourself at a crossroads, torn between the call of your heart and the logic of your mind.

Lately, we've collectively sensed this internal struggle, the tug of war between intuition and reason, and the clash of necessity and desire. At the beginning of this year, our shared intention was to choose "happiness," a seemingly simple goal, but far from easy to achieve. What unfolded was a struggle, a battle between the heart and the mind, where intuition challenged reason, and necessity often overshadowed desire.

This inner chaos is not unfamiliar; it resonates in both our professional and personal lives. It arises when we stubbornly cling to one path, ignoring the myriad of consequences and circumstances that surround us. But here's the secret to the harmony we seek: when we let go of our worries about the "what if's," we open ourselves to incredible beauty.

It's essential to foster a mindful dialogue between the heart and mind, realizing that both have their place and validity. Emotions guide reason, and reason tempers emotion, while the soul lights the path where intention, authenticity, and fulfillment converge.

The path of least resistance involves listening to the subtle whispers of both the heart and the mind, trusting in the benevolence of the Divine. Yet, it's crucial to understand that the paths of great resistance and least resistance exist on a continuum. Sometimes, even when guided by the Divine and our inner wisdom, we encounter resistance. And what do we do then?

In those moments, we must remember that resistance isn't our adversary but a sculptor, shaping us into resilient beings capable of enduring challenges that contribute to our growth, our greater good, and our higher purpose. Embrace challenges when you are genuinely honouring your path, for they are part of your journey. However, there are instances when resistance serves as a messenger, urging us to pause, reflect, and reconsider.

When obstacles arise, view them as a Divine invitation to question assumptions, reconsider goals, and realign intentions. Within these challenges lies the potential for a renewed sense of purpose and a more informed journey forward. Never give up, for no journey is too far along or too long delayed that it cannot be explored. When you are guided by the Divine, led by emotion, balanced by the mind, and inspired by Spirit, every path holds a purpose.

To harmonize the mind and heart, I invite you on a breath journey:

  1. Find a quiet, undisturbed space.
  2. Ground yourself with a few deep breaths.
  3. Place your left hand on your heart, exhale doubt, and inhale, filling your heart with light. Affirm: "My heart is open; I trust the wisdom it holds."
  4. Place your right hand on your third eye/mind, exhale confusion, and inhale, filling your mind with light. Affirm: "My mind is clear; I trust the understanding it holds."
  5. Envision your aura, exhale stagnation, and inhale, filling your spirit with light. Affirm: "I am connected to the Divine wisdom of my soul. I trust the guidance it provides."
  6. Take a unifying breath, visualizing light moving throughout your aura, heart, and mind. Affirm: "I am in harmony and alignment; my heart and mind work together in perfect balance."

May this practice infuse your journey with clarity, compassion, and inner wisdom.

As we step into the new year, remember that you are the creator of your destiny. Your choices, whether right or wrong, are yours to make and solely yours. Give yourself permission to be, to be fearless, to be brave, and to be ruthless when necessary.

If you ever feel the need to embark on an inward journey or seek support in channeling your inner love warrior, it would be my honour to facilitate a sacred ceremony for you. 

Much love,