Salutations Spooky Souls, 

Hello October! The cycle culminating at my absolute favourite holiday of the year- HALLOWEEN!

There are many rich modern and ancestral rituals that celebrate the end of October.  Most historians link the origin to the Celtic harvest festival of Samhain.  It was to give thanks and celebrate the end the harvest. The festivities included outdoor gatherings with the donning of scary costumes and lighting bonfires to frighten away spirits from the underworld. Other academics believe, however, that Halloween began solely as a Christan holiday, being the vigil of All Hallows’ Eve (or All Saints’ Eve) to remember the dead, including Saints.

Less familiar to the west, but very popular still in my parents’ motherland Lebanon, is the Feast of Saint Barbara or Eid il-Burbara.  It is celebrated in early December but has common tradition of wearing costumes and going door-to-door singing and in return collecting treats. The wearing of costumes symbolize the many disguises Saint Barbara used to elude persecution from her pagan family as she made her way to attend Christian gatherings.

Click here for a traditional Lebanese Halloween recipe. 

October is simply magical. 


When we think of Halloween today we think of masks, costumes, dressing up and asking for candy. It’s an absolute TREAT! 

But sometimes it can be TRICKY when we ponder if perhaps we wear a mask the other 364 days of the year too. Perhaps we don’t always show our true selves to the world and we hide behind a persona that we think is better than who we truly are. 

What do we hide behind? 

Who are we when we are alone or deeply comfortable?

Why don’t we show up as this person every day? 

What are we afraid of? 

It might take a little modern magic (meditation, crystal work, reiki) and soul searching to answer these questions. Do not sweep these sentiments under a rug.  Rather use that broom to fly as your highest self.


Another reason I love Halloween is because it allows us the opportunity to dress up and BE anything we want to.  There is a lot of power and confidence that comes from embodying the persona of someone or something you aspire to. 

If you could be anyone or anything in the world for a day - who or what would it be? 

What is stopping you from stepping into that energy today? 

What doubt is haunting you? 

What choices can you make today to step closer to being that? 

Let’s wear our rockstar suits and let our spirits SOAR.


Of course it wouldn’t be Halloween without talking spirits and souls, ghosts and ghouls. A little spook never hurt anyone. In fact it often helps people find closure and connection. 

We all have ancestors or loved ones who have passed.  It is common for them to want to relay messages or be in touch from the other side. Sometimes, we have messages or words for them.

Has there been anything left unsaid to your dearly departed? 

Are you looking for guidance from an ancestor? 

For anyone looking to explore their connections with souls on the spiritual plane, I have an ancestry ceremony that guides people to their loved ones and allows them to relay messages. Click here if you’re ready to reach out. 

No matter WITCH route you travel, I’ll be right beside you helping you find your way. There’s no need to be afraid of the darker nights and shorter days October ushers - we can find the light together. 

Not only is it incredible, but it may be the ghoulest thing you ever tried.