Flower Moon Bloom

Happy May, I hope this letter finds you in full bloom.

I love Spring, and May is an extra special time for me. As a Taurus, I get to enjoy my birth month at a time when the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and nature is thriving! In a fanciful way, it feels like a verdant party thrown just for me.

Bloom and Make the Whole World Beautiful

One of the most beautiful things about Mother Nature is she never tries to dull her shine for fear of coming across as haughty. The birds don’t hush their song to avoid being “flamboyant,” and blossoms never worry about being “flashy.”

Unfortunately, many of us have been conditioned “tone it down” to avoid being viewed as shallow or vain. May I remind you that you are also part of Gaia’s flourishing creation. Your gifts and beauty are worthy of being celebrated and shared with the world. The best part is your radiance is in bloom 365 days a year.

You Are Out of This World

Maybe you don’t know this, but Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Planet of love, luxury, and compassion. This is why those born under the Taurus Sun love life’s pleasures, like delicious food, restful sleep, and a healthy dose of pampering.

When was the last time you spoiled yourself with a tasty treat that you don’t usually indulge in due to convenience or calories? Do you deny yourself a few more minutes in your cozy bed because you don’t want to be “lazy”, or opt for a quick shower instead of a long, sudsy soak because you didn’t want to keep others waiting?

While the Venus vibes of the Taurus season are inspiring, when it comes to pampering yourself, you don’t need to plan-et. I want to encourage you to align with natural rhythms; there is no “right” time to celebrate or treat yourself, just as each flower blooms in its own time, and no one tells the robin when to sing. So, don’t hesitate to make a few moments for pampering whenever the mood strikes.

Do More of What Makes you Happy

Both self-care and self-pampering are essential to well-being. However, self-care tends to be more practical, nourishing skincare, journaling for emotional release, or meditation for mental clarity. I want to inspire you to make your self-pampering more decadent and indulgent. Why? Because you deserve it!

Here are a few self-pampering ideas to get you started:

Book a massage
Buy yourself flowers
Diffuse lavender during a nap
Enjoy an ice cream cone or pastry
Get tickets to a show or art exhibit
Indulge in a new lip glass or nail polish
Make a make a mask with dark cacao
Plan a picnic in the park
Soak in a bath with a luxurious bath bomb
Take the evening off to enjoy the sunset
Take the morning off to enjoy the sunrise
Treat yourself to a romantic dinner, solo or accompanied

Final Thoughts

I can sing like a lark about how deserving you are of your own time, attention, celebration, and love, but if you don’t believe it, you will continue struggle with guilt and unease with the idea of honoring yourself.

If this is the case, I am here to guide your release of emotional and spiritual blockages, reconnecting you to your divinity. Are you ready to light up the world?

I am here to help you shine and fully bloom into alignment with your souls true purpose. Click here to book today. 

Flower Moon Blessings,