Embrace The Stillness

When winter first dawns, it brings with it a spirit of festivity and mirth. We are all children again as crystalline ponds and sparkling trees transform the outdoors into a winter wonderland. However, as the winter days turn into long winter weeks and months, the snow and chill can begin to wear out their welcome. This is likely why there is a tradition of marking Midwinter across cultures, the Lunar New Year, Candlemas, St. Brigid’s Festival, Imbolc, and Groundhogs Day, celebrations of light, renewal, and hope.

These early February commemorations serve as a reminder that while winter weighs heavy, Spring will have soon sprung. Midwinter is a time of illumination and inspiration but, most of all, a time to pause, even if for just a brief moment before the groundhog pops out of his den, to embrace the stillness.

In this stillness, we can discover presence. When we embrace this moment as the blessing it is, we find power, peace, gratitude, and liberty invaluable presents that we can gift ourselves.

-We are empowered because the now is the only time we can create actual change.

-We are peaceful because we aren’t ruminating on the past or worrying about the future.

-We are grateful because the current moment is all we have.

-We are free because where there is peace, there is freedom.

In a world where faster has somehow become synonymous with better, fostering presence presents us with opportunities to reconnect with others, ourselves, nature’s rhythms, and Spirit. Meaning though the earth is still frozen in many parts of the northern hemisphere, Midwinter is a fertile time for planting roots of higher purpose, sowing seeds of personal growth, and cultivating our relationships.

For many of us, unwrapping the gift of the present isn’t about learning a new way of life; it is unlearning the modern definition of what it means to live. In an era that places less importance in rest, relationships, and reflection, we can often be misled into feeling guilty about slowing down, questioning our professional, relational, and personal worth. Yet, only when we are still, grounded and genuinely present can we bring our whole selves to our careers, families, partners,
and personal development.

As a mother, daughter, healer, and spiritual coach, I know how challenging it can be to step back from the bustling external world to embrace the peaceful solace within. Yet, just as movement is essential for physical health, stillness is vital for spiritual health.

When we foster inner peace and honor our inner light, we can show up in healing, inspirational, transformative ways in the lives of others. We not only bring our best selves to our family, friends, and colleagues, we show up as our best selves for Spirit. In this way, stillness is the gift that keeps on giving.

Caregiving. Love-giving. Life-giving.

If you need support unwrapping the gift of the present or fostering a little more gift and take professionally, relationally, or personally, click HERE connect with me, and let’s get started helping you make the most of the gift of life.

Lots of love,