Embodying The Eternal Light Of Summer

Hello Spiritual Sunshine,

Every year between the time of July 22 to August 22 the sun enters into the passionate home of Leo. While there, you can count on Leo to roar during what is arguably the hottest, brightest zodiac season. It is the peak of summer!! The days and our hearts are full of courage, focus, happiness, charisma and hope, and it feels as though the sunshine and celebration will last forever.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

What if the light and love of summer could last forever? Leo Season is the perfect time to find out how.

Under the Leo sun, spiritual fires burn bright. These seasonal flames often fuel our hunt for travel, socialization, and outdoor adventures. We are inspired, empowered, courageous, and bold. We take a lionhearted approach to life. We are more outgoing, carefree, and enthusiastic. We are moved to go outside our homes, our comfort zones, and ourselves and we often neglect to turn this warmth and illumination inward.

Leo's vibes are actually very heart-centered. The heart healing energy of summer
allows our hearts to blossom like dande-lions, opening to the healing of love and light as flowers do for the Sun. When turned inward, the seasonal warmth and paws-itivity enable us to expand our hearts to not only give love but to openly receive it as well.

Love Heals Everything

You'd be surprised what can happen when you pounce on the infinite flow of universal love. When we learn to simply release, receive, accept, and allow, we can manifest healing and attract the blessings and abundance we desire and are deserving of. That's right you are 'deserving' of all great things!

When we stop falling prey to resistance, we make space to receive, grow, and create the love, light, and life we have been yearning for. Trust in Leo's fire to light the way, and you'll enjoy the lion's share of prosperity in all areas of your life.

The Wound is Where the Light Enters

I invite you to enjoy this relaxing healing ritual as your first step to exploring the heart healing paws-ibilities of Leo energy:

-Choose your favourite crystals. Mine are rose quartz, citrine, and clear quartz crystals.

-Set a clear intention your heart is seeking. 

- Find a comfortable spot to lay outdoors or indoors, perferably outdoors, where you can feel the warmth of the Sun shine on your body. 

- Place the rose quartz on your chest, the citrine on your abdomen, and the clear quartz on your forehead.

-Place the palm of your hands on your solar plexus (stomach).

-Close your eyes. Image light is filling into your third eye, expanding into your heart center, down your arms and out your hands as it radiates into your body through your solar plexus. 

-Repeat one or all of the following affirmations.

My heart is open and aligned

I give and receive unconditional love

I release resistance

I flow with Divine energies and natural rhythms

Love is a limitless resource

I am abundant

My blessings are plentiful

My light illuminates the world

My inner light glows like an eternal sun

The fire within me fuels my health, hope, and happiness

I am free to be me

I love myself fully, shadow and light

The Universe is abundant, and the Divine is generous

I am manifesting the life of my dreams

I trust in Divine timing, Divine order, and Divine provision

-Bask in the heat and healing of the sunshine until your feel roar-some and empowered, creative, clarity, healed and at peace until you feel "oneness" with your intitial intention.

Final Thoughts

Opening your heart can feel like exploring an uncharted jungle, but I am here to help provide you with the guidance and healing you need to make the im-paws-ible possible so you can live your life with pride. Click here to book your ROAR session, a.k.a soar session today!!

Everything the light touches is our kingdom. -Lion King

Keeping Shining,