Seasons Greetings Spiritual Family,

When December ascends upon us each year, I feel there is a shift in our energies and we start go to into overdrive. Although this year may seem less taxing in one sense, with less in-person commitments, we are still tasked with the challenge of creating a holiday season that reflects the camaraderie and closeness we typically enjoy while staying safe and distanced. 

When you start to add the normal stressors of the holidays to the mix: gift considerations, dinners to plan and cook, relatives to call… this December can seem down right daunting. 

It is my belief that in order to move smoothly through this rushed and chaotic time of year, allowing yourself time to rest and re-balance, specifically your chakras, is critical. This is why I have decided to offer a dedicated session to Chakra balancing in a condensed timeframe to honour everyone’s busy schedules.

The Chakras

Your chakras are the seven energy bundle wheels located in different parts of the body that give us our vitality and energy source. When in balance, you feel ‘in-tune’, like your engine is firing on all cylinders. You feel energized and aware. 

When out of balance, certain areas of your life can feel strained or like you’re swimming upstream. This can be dependent on which chakra is blocked and how it is affecting the others.

If this resonates with you don’t worry, I can help. 

Chakra Balancing Sessions 

During the 30 minute session you will greet your 7 energy bundles and restore your energetic flow. Through breathwork, we will come to a relaxed state and channel messages as I am guided to unblock and cut any unwanted energies/emotions stored in chakras. As your chakra pathway becomes clearer, energy begins to flow easier which brings about a relaxed sense of mind and you will leave with a renewed sense of vitality.

You won’t even need to speak. Simply come to have a blissful experience to visualize guided meditation facilitated by me. Think of this as a time for your to shut out the outer noise and soar inwards. You nap, I’ll do the rest. 

Re-claim your inner-peace this holiday season and consider your presence as a present; either with yourself or with loves ones. When you show up for yourself, your capacity to show up for others as the best version of you becomes easier. 

Or maybe you know someone who needs this work too. Consider giving them presence as well. 

Ready to Re-Balance?

Are you ready to re-boot and bring a heightened clarity to this holiday season?

Click here to book your Chakra Balancing Session (30 minutes for $50)  or purchase an e-gift card - available here on my website or via my instagram bio

Balanced Blessings,