Celebrating us!!

Hello Sweet loves,

My last letter of this year is about CELEBRATING YOURSELF! 

TWOday, marks the 2nd anniversary of soarseeair. Yay me!! 

2 is my favourite number. It has been since I was a little girl. Perhaps like you, my favourite number is also the date of my birth. Having said that, what I'm excited about most right now is that we are moving into 2022. Now that's a whole lot of 2's. 

2 represents balance in numerology and 22 is a master number or a master builder.  It holds great power and can turn dreams into reality. 222 signifies balance, harmony, life choices and building on your current situation to achieve your goals. An opportunity to change your life. I can feel the excitement boiling in my body.  Magic is literally happening around us. Can you feel it?

Big boss energy!!

It took me a long time to step into my spiritual practice. 10 years of holding back!! I had to shift my perspective and align my body with my mind. I was so afraid of being judged by my community, friends, and family. This was terrifying because I feared being different from all the people I hold so dearly to my heart. 

Along that path of ‘re-alignment’ or seeking ‘balance’ of my mind, body and spirit, I admit that I struggled.  I was called weird, crazy, witch… and other names I prefer to leave out. LOL. But in that process, I learned that it is my ’crazy’ or ‘weird’ energy that people loved most about me.

Trust The Process!!

I had to trust the process with every fiber of my being. I needed to move forward with courage, determination, and discovery.  Stepping into my authentic spiritual healing practice and going against the grain guided me to my true tribe. I can honestly say I now do what I love and love what I do. 

And because of the fear I had of being judged, I have also learned to not judge others.  What ever opinion I may have of something or someone that appears to be ‘weird or crazy’, I have learned to enquire more about that 2nd side.  As we all know, there are always two sides to the story.

So I ask you this before the year ends.

What is weighing you down or what weight on your shoulder are you carrying that does not feel right?  

What are you willing to sacrifice or let go of before the year ends in order to be more balanced?  

Do you feel safe to express yourself authentically around your tribe?

Have your beliefs been mocked or made fun of?

What do you do when you feel rejected or heartbroken?

What has failure been trying to teach you?

How has your physical body been nudging you to make a change?

I will share with you the big secret. You are your own best cheerleader!

Do not rely on others to bring you safety and comfort. And do not wait on anyone to validate your feelings. Stop waiting.  No one needs to come to uplift or save you.  That saviour is already here and is you.  You cannot control the actions of others.  Hold need to hold yourself accountable for ensuring you do what you love and fighting the good fight for what you believe in.

Stand up and let your voice be heard.

Show up on social media with pride and passion for what you trust to be true in your life and business model. 

Let go of what you think others think of you and hold space for yourself to be expressive in whichever form your heart desires. What's your unique and crazy qualities?? Because whatever it is, that is where the magic is. 

Your magic!! That's right. You are a magical being. Imagine that!!

Give the gift of magic

The energy on the earth right now offers us balance and is calling you to grow in a healthier direction. Time to cultivate that healing power:

Open your heart.

Honour your body. 

Nurture your spirit. 

Trust the process. 

Be brave.

Stand in your power. 

Celebrate YOU. 

Need help with this?  Gift yourself or a loved one the gift of healing harmony and balance. As part of my celebration, I want to gift you the same balance. For the next 2 days and until Tuesday Dec 7th noon, I am offering 22% off bookings for my sacred sessions. (click link in bio-gift certificate-scroll down 150$).

Words cannot express the experience you will receive with soarseeair but we are happy to direct you to our blessings page in our main menu to read feedback from some of our clients. 

Click here to book a sacred ceremony today. After all it's the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la love you!!!

Sending you big 2,22 vibes,