Big Step Forward

Hello Cosmic Friends,

There’s a school of thought that advises us to take baby steps in order to reach big goals. While that proves beneficial for some, I say baby steps are just that, for babies. To kick off the New Year, I’m putting on my big person (girl) shoes and taking some big steps towards change. 

As Nike promotes, JUST DO IT!! 

Au revoir Paper Calendar 

My first big change may seem small to some, but huge to me. I put on my steal-toe shoes and kicking open the door to the digital world to create an online booking platform. As a busy mother of a very very busy family, the one main thing that kept me out of the asylum was the religious use of a paper calendar. While I was (am still) well served with the use of a paper calendar, and admittedly feel great resistance to moving yet another piece of my life to digital, my clients deserve an easier booking system. 

This is conscious growth. I know, and likely have known for some time, that I must evolve with the times. I was held back by fear. 

Fear of stepping out of a comfortable situation and not knowing how soft, sharp, slippery or firm the landing will be.

Bonjour, Bravery  

No big change ever happens without bravery. Although I am committed to big person steps and disparaged baby one, babies have so much to teach us about bravery and resilience. Any time a little one tumbles, they are remarkable at getting back up and trying over. Perhaps there’s a little crying in the mix, but I wouldn’t say that’s any different from adults. (wink)

When was the last time you felt fearless taking a step forward? Small or big? 

What can you learn from the people around you making changes to better themselves?

What do you need to lean into in order to take that BIG step? 

What steps will you take moving forward to reach your goals?

Walk With Me 

Lace-up and get ready because we’re off to a soaring start. I’m not aiming for 10,000 BIG steps a day, but enough to keep me on my toes and pushing forward towards growth.

Who’s ready to take that jump forward with me? 

If baby steps have not worked out for you and you are ready to take a leap into a world to heal a story that lives within you, please click here to book your session on my fancy new digital booking system. 

Just Do IT!

Do it to heal the triggers.

Do it to let go of your pain.

Do it to embrace your inner courage.

Do it for your inner child.

Do it for your heart center.

Do it to reclaim your courage.


All it takes is a willingness to make a shift. No matter how big or small. It's time. It's time to come home to yourself. 

Much love,