With many families quarantining and spending so much time together, this has been a powerful time for loved ones to connect with one another. For better or worse, this type of deep connection opens our awareness to the wisdom and teachings of our ancestors. 

Family lineage is one of the greatest teachings a human spirit can gain to understand about their current life situation. 

What is family lineage? 

A lineage is the ancestors of those descendants who came before our time dating back many generations before our time. They are the guiding lights, teachers, sages, and wisdomkeepers of our family's history and bloodline. 

There is more than inheriting physical appearance when it comes to family genetics. In fact, we get more than we bargained for being born into a lineage. We also inherit karma, issues, trauma and different forms of abuse all of which impact how and why we feel the way we do including certain personality traits such as anxiety or depression. 

Trees are a sacred representation of our family structures and the role those structures play in how we feel and act today. The leaves and branches symbolize our thoughts and emotions. The strong tree trunk is a representation of your physical structure and your core belief system. The roots of your family tree are the very cause and base to your family issues, where things stem from. 

Wounds can be passed down from generation to generation. 

You do not have to take on the issues of your ancestors. You are not your parents. You are not your grandparents or any of your ancestors.

How can you free yourself from your family issues and achieve a healed outcome? 

Ancestral Connection Bundle - Copper and Sweetgrass

The healing combination of copper sweetgrass enhances a deep spiritual connection to ourselves and our ancestors. 

Sweetgrass grounds you in the physical realm and invites a sacred calming meditation. Sweetgrass welcomes a sense of tranquility and peace while feeling physically and emotionally grounded. Copper is an ancient mineral which acts as a conductor known to enhance the expansion of your vibration and allow your thoughts to reach a higher frequency. 

By blending these two sacred healing tools, you create a powerful magnifier that can move your energy beyond the physical realm and make a connection with your ancestors and greater spiritual beings. 

How to use this bundle:

In this Ancestral Connection Bundle, you’ll receive a braided piece of sweetgrass and 10 copper pieces. The number 10 symbolizes a deep connection to a spiritual guide/ancestor to remind you that you are not alone on your spiritual journey. 

Place the 10 pieces in a circle and sit in the middle of the circle.

Light the sweetgrass on a safe surface such as a large seashell or glass plate.

Close your eyes.

Take 10 deep breaths and set the intention to connect with a spiritual being, deceased loved one, angel, or ascended master.

Then listen. Trust the wisdom and insight that naturally flows from and around you. 

Feel a deep calling to soar through time into your ancestral lineage? 

soar.see.air offers Ancestral Ceremonies which allow you to travel in time to connect with your family tree and help you with powerful insights on healing a part of yourself, unfilled dreams of a deceased loved one, unhealed wounds of a deceased loved one, let go of personal karma inherited from your parents, healing your marriage, and stop abusive cycles. Ancestral Ceremonies bring your belief system back into balance and connect you with an inherited family gift. These gifts will be blessings of amazing attributes, gifted skills, or magical qualities passed down to you. 

Feel a calling to connect with your ancestral lineage or to free yourself from negative family cycles? Just hit reply to email today and book your session.


Sweetgrass blessings,